Star Shower – Elden Ring Guide


Star Shower – Elden Ring Guide

The Star Shower is an offensive Glintstone Sorcery in Elden Ring, unlocked from the Conspectus

Elden Ring: Sorcery Glintstone Cometshard & Star Shower

Elden Ring: Sorcery Glintstone Cometshard & Star Shower
How to Enter Academy of Raya Lucaria:
Showcase: 00:00
Reach Church of the Cuckoo Grace: 01:35
Reach Schoolhouse Classroom Grace: 02:32
Conspectus Scroll: 03:48
Give Scroll to Sellen: 04:04
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Elden Ring Conspectus Scroll Location (Learn Glintstone Cometshard & Star Shower)

In this guide we will show you where to get the COnspectus Scroll, this will allow you to learn Glintstone Cometshard & Star Shower once you give it to a sorcerer.
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Elden Ring – All Sorcery Locations 100% Complete Guide & Walkthrough | Find Any Spell You Need!

In this video I show you how to get each and every sorcery in the game. This video took me forever to make so hopefully it helps some of you lol. If you find this helpful leave me a like and consider subscribing for more guide and PVP content!

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All Incantations Locations: &

Sellen Questline Walkthrough – &

0:00 Intro
0:50 Royal House Scroll – Carian Slicer and Glintblade Phalanx
1:27 Academy Scroll – Glintstone Shard and Swift Glintstone Shard
1:55 Conspectus Scroll – Glintstone Cometshard and Star Shower
2:23 Briars of Sin
3:16 Briars of Punishment
3:45 Carian Greatsword and Magic Glintblade
4:19 Carian Piercer
4:58 Carian Retaliation and Carian Phalanx
6:07 Carian Slicer and Glintblade Phalanx(Royal House Scroll)
7:34 Greatblade Phalanx
8:16 Magic Downpour
9:16 Lucidity
11:08 Oracle Bubbles
12:51 Great Oracular Bubbles
14:14 Crystal Release
15:48 Crystal Torrent
16:52 Shattering Crystal
18:39 Ancient Death Rancor
19:30 Explosive Ghostflame
20:24 Fia’s Mist
22:51 Rancorcall
24:16 Tibia’s Summons
24:38 Ranni’s Dark Moon
27:33 Rennala’s Full Moon
28:04 Sellen’s Vendor Sorcery – Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Arc, Scholar’s Armament, Glintstone Stars, Crystal Barrage and Scholar’s Shield
29:15 Comet
29:47 Crystal Burst
30:31 Rock Blaster
31:45 Shatter Earth
33:01 Cannon of Haima and Gavel of Haima
36:35 Founding Rain of Stars
40:57 Shard Spirial, Comet Azur and Stars of Ruin(check description for questline walkthrough)
41:26 Thops’s Barrier and Starlight
42:21 Terra Magica
43:30 Collapsing Stars
44:40 Gravity Well
46:07 Meteorite
47:01 Meteorite of Astel
47:40 Rock Sling
48:21 Loretta’s Greatbow
48:50 Loretta’s Mastery
49:35 Magma Shot, Gelmir’s Fury and Rykard’s Rancor(Volcano Manor Questline)
50:51 Roiling Magma
52:09 Ambush Shard
52:43 Eternal Darkness
54:20 Night Shaard and Night Maiden’s Mist
55:24 Night Comet
56:02 Unseen Blade and Unseen Form
58:05 Glintstone Icecrag and Freezing Mist
58:49 Adula’s Moonblade
59:39 Frozen Armament
1:00:35 Zamor Ice Storm
1:01:04 Outro and Thank you 🙂