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Avatar: legends ОБНОВЛЕННАЯ боевая система! (Теперь лучше!)

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A Chance to Learn (Episode 0) – Avatar Legends Book 1: Embers of War | The Lost Archives

Hello and welcome to A Chance to Learn, Episode 0 of our brand new series playing Avatar Legends! Avatar Legends is a brand new RPG system set in the amazing world of Avatar the Last Airbender and Avatar Legend of Korra. You can download the quickstart guide from Magpie Games (https://magpiegames.com/pages/avatarrpg). This campaign explores the events following the death of Avatar Roku, the time before Aang was identified as the new Avatar and set before the events of Avatar the Last Airbender.

This episode is all about learning the new system, creating the characters and starting the campaign with a short prequal session! With the death of Avatar Roku, the arrival of Sozin’s comet in the sky and the search for the next Avatar only just beginning, the Four Nations have come together to organise a historic meeting of diplomats and leaders. Taking place at the Beifong summer estate just outside of Ba Sing Se, the characters have attended this summit as family members of important delegates. However, it appears that these peace talks and meetings are not all that they appear…..

Featuring Owen as Dungeon Master, Bree [PrettiPixel] as Shurva (Fire Nation Warrior), Andrew [Lucifer] as Mako (Fire Bender), Ally as Oki (Water Bender), Dave as Saal (Air Bender) and Brandon as Rung-Bolo (Earth Bender).

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Avatar the Last Airbender Opening Theme – Jeremy Zuckerman (recomposed by Owen Burton)
The Avatar State – Jeremy Zuckerman (recomposed by Owen Burton)
14.3 Billion Years – Andrew Prahlow (recomposed by Owen Burton)

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The legend of Korra Kya Waterbending

Kya is the second of Avatar Aang and Katara’s three children and their only daughter, as well as the couple’s only waterbending child. She became a healer, but helps team avatar in different fights!

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